Let’s Play! Live Summer Theater

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48 Hours at the Inn, Vermont

Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, 800 gazillion cable channels – these days we live in a world of digital entertainment choice overload. So when’s the last time you got out to see a real live theater production? Actors in the flesh, live musical accompaniment, lighting and stage design that transports you to another time, the hush and anticipation of the room as the house lights dim…live theater is an up close and personal experience of storytelling and human emotion that a screen (no matter what size) will never give you. And here in Southern Vermont and the nearby Berkshires, we have an abundance of world-class professional theater venues that offer top-notch live entertainment – especially now in the summer months.

We have the Dorset Theater Festival, Oldcastle Theatre, Weston Playhouse, and Williamstown Theater Festival all within a short drive from the Inn and well worth a summer night out. Dorset and Weston Playhouse are both housed in beautifully renovated historic buildings, adding to the charm and ambiance of the experience. Williamstown Theater’s modern 4 stages and grand, elegant architecture are on the Williams College campus, with lots of great restaurants in walking distance. From musicals, to classics, to new and experimental works; you will enjoy Tony award winning performances, actors and directors to match any urban stage. These productions even attract many A-list actors like Bradley Cooper, David Hyde Pierce, Kate Hudson, Blythe Danner and Marisa Tomei. So put down the laptop or the remote and get yourself out to some spectacular summer theater this season! And treat yourself to a nice dinner and drinks before-hand. It’s civilized, it’s exciting, it supports the local arts…and it’s guaranteed to be way more fun than a screen. You might even do some celebrity spotting while you’re at it.

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