Thursday, February 14, 2013

Join Us for Work Week 2013!

We’re looking forward to our 3rd annual Work Week at the Inn April 23-30th. In exchange for a free stay, guests have helped us in so many ways each year getting our gardens ready for spring, organizing closets, painting trim - even helping shear our alpacas! It’s become a tradition for which we’re so thankful and we even see some of the same friends come back each year - so that must mean they’re having fun too.

We wanted to take a moment to thank our 2012 Work Weekers and tell you a bit about the awesome things they did to help us all over the Inn and our grounds.

Thank you to Gail, Dion & Nancy who worked on tearing out several bathrooms and installing new tile. They vacuumed and organized the lower part of the barn, painted our white wedding chairs and assorted other painting, worked on the stone wall, and pulled up carpets. These ladies were unstoppable!

Thank you to Jenna and John who weeded, edged and mulched all over the gardens and the fish pond. 
Kristin, Josh  and Kristin’s mom Sharon also weeded, mulched and edged the front gardens. Kristin and her mom helped shear our alpacas. Kristin and John totally organized the stable tool area. They consolidated and hung all our tools and even organized the tool closet in the Inn’s back room. Yay! - we could see and find everything so much easier!

Thank you to the tour de force team of Linda and Rosemary who helped all over the place staining stairs, bathroom floors and halls in the barn, (2 coats!), took down stable curtains, dusted, washed the stable windows, painted trim, wedding chairs and lots of other odds and ends.

Thank you to Eve & David who weeded the kitchen garden, painted window sills and wedding chairs.

Thank you to long time guests Sheila and Fred. Sheela is quite a spinner and spun our alpaca wool.

Thank you to Terry and Ralph who weeded and mulched the labyrinth garden and painted wedding chairs. (We have A LOT of wedding chairs!)

Thank you to very diligent Kate and John who also weeded the labyrinth garden - John literally edged the entire labyrinth (not an easy task!) They both also painted - yes -  more wedding chairs. Kate clipped back the bushes by the labyrinth stairs and John bleached every wedding chair seat. 

Thank you to Bill and Marjorie and Frank and Margie who all helped with gardening, weeding and painting wedding chairs.

Thank you to Ralph who just fixed everything! He even made new Adirondack chairs out of broken ones.

Thank you to Marian who helped with gardening.

Thank you to Barbara and Mark who designed and built a beautiful new wooden and iron archway through the stone wall. You made all of our brides and grooms so happy last year because virtually every one of them walked through the arch and down the aisle to get married in the garden.
Thank you to Stacy and her husband who fixed our welcome sign and did assorted small carpentry jobs.

Thank you to Neal and Lynn who cut logs, trimmed branches, weeded and mulched.

Thank you to Andy who did sheet rocking, electrical work and various other helpful tasks along with Gail and Joan who did gardening.

Once again, the Inn looked amazing after so many people contributed their time and labor to get us ready for spring. We REALLY could not be this organized, spiffed up and prepared without all our wonderful Work Weekers. We hope they'll all come back and we invite you to join us for this annual event at the Inn. All hands are welcome! If you can contribute just 4 hours a day you'll have a free stay at the Inn, lots of great companionship and plenty of time to get out and enjoy yourselves while you're here.

email us at or call 802.375.6516

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Wendy S said...

That's such an awesome idea, West Mountain Inn! I'd LOVE to do that next year! Came to your page, looking for a friend who will be attending the wedding on your grounds this Saturday at 2:30pm. Hope it's a wonderful occasion! Don't see how it could miss! : ) I hope I can be a part of the work week next year ... : )

Wendy Stoner
Haverford, PA