Sunday, August 12, 2012

Norman's Attic 2012

There's nothing like a small town summer street fair, and in Arlington we have a real classic: Norman's Attic. Named after the beloved American artist, Norman Rockwell, who made his home in Arlington from 1939-1953, this year was the town's 18th annual event. Arlington is place where families tend to make roots, so while you're passing through you'll probably meet more than a few older residents who have posed for some of Rockwell's most famous paintings of idyllic country life. In additional to craft, antique and food vendors, Norman's Attic includes a town wide tag sale. So once you've strolled through all the tents on Main St., you can explore the neighborhood to find dozens of yards filled with more great treasures and deals.

The vendors who bring their antiques, paintings, handmade soaps, books, jewelry, ceramics, and wood crafts are all from the local area. The Saint James church fires up the grill for lunch and the ladies lay out an old time bake sale spread that will make your mouth water. Even some of the kids get into the act with lemonade stands and working Martha Canfield Library's book sale room.

Arlington can make you feel like you've gone back in time a bit, and it's not just because most of the houses were built 150 years ago. Whether you live here or come for a visit, Norman's Attic gives you a taste of what's special about a summer day in a small country town. Before you head out, Mr. Brown will serve you some coffee on the steps of the Saint James (a 250 year old stone church) and you should probably try the fresh picked tomatoes he brought from his garden. He's lived here his whole life and says it's the best tomato year he's ever seen...and after almost 90 years, he ought to know!