Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ellis Paul & Richard Shindell House Concerts

In late August this year we had two wonderful house concerts with renowned folk musicians Richard Shindell and Ellis Paul, joined by Radoslav Lorkovic. This will be our third year in a row organizers Tim & Lori Blixt of Cabin Concerts have brought a group of about 50 folk music fans for 3-5 day retreats, complete with private living room performances, free song writing workshops, delicious group BBQ's and time to get up close and connect with their favorite folk musicians.

Every year our house concerts have been completely sold out and we're so pleased they've grown to become an annual event here at the inn. In fact they've been so popular - this year we held 2 separate concerts instead of one! Many fans who attended our first ever house concert have come back again and again for the chance to experience the music, friendship and intimate atmosphere of these music retreats.

Each night guests gather in the living room for a private all acoustic performance where there are no repeated songs. It's a brand new show each night. Many guests bring their own guitars and take part in the free songwriting workshops offered during the day. Shows and workshops are open only to the folks staying at the Inn so when they sign up to attend, guests truly have the artists to themselves. Once in a while guests will even sit in on a song or too as Ellis Paul fan Karen Zundel did.

So if you're a folk music fan, look for our updates on next year's house concert and book your retreat early. If you've never had the chance to experience a house concert with your favorite folk artists, private living room performances, and kicking back with a small group of die-hard fans - we promise you'll love it!

- photos courtesy Dave Marion

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