Thursday, June 2, 2011

Work Week 2011

We finished up our 2nd annual work week on May 25th and wanted to share a few photos with you and send out a big THANK YOU to all of our guests who participated. We started our work week tradition last year and it's been a wonderful experience for all of us here at the Inn. We had just finished up our big interior renovation project (pics on that coming soon!) so this year's work week was mostly focused on sprucing up the grounds. It can be a challenge to get all of our gardens ready at the same time for the spring season, but with all the help from our work week guests, the grounds are looking more beautiful than ever.
Every year we post our work week invite on our website but guests find out about it in different ways. We ask that guests contribute 4 hrs of work a day in exchange for a free stay at the Inn, so it leaves them plenty of time to relax and explore while they're here.
Bob Hartley from Melrose, MA attended last year's House Concert series with Tracy Grammer, Lori McKenna and Mark Erelli and decided to come back for work week. Gary and Gail Cooper found our work week info on our website and came all the way from Sarajevo. Ellen Watson from East Hampton, NY explained that she loves the whole concept of bartering and thought it would be a great way to travel anywhere. Malcolm and Ann Broderick of Boston had come to the Inn in January for their honeymoon and decided to come back for a visit. They ended up helping John Conboy of Schoharie Llamas shear our Alpaca's when he arrived for the weekend.
Work week will definitely continue annually at West Mountain Inn and we can't thank this year's guests enough for all their weeding, edging, mulching, window painting, energy and good spirit!

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