Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Fly Fishing Season!

Here at the West Mountain Inn we are fortunate enough to enjoy the renowned Battenkill River right at the base of our drive. There are not many inns so perfectly suited for a fly fishing experience as it used to be - a beautiful river, native (unstocked) trout, a private guide service, hearty meals, and elegant accommodations! Our local guide has been fishing the Battenkill all his life - he is a wonderful teacher and has incomparable knowledge of the river and the fishing.

Whether you're a pro or a novice, the beauty of a day out on the river is like no other. Here's a bit of fly fishing poetry to paint a picture of why this ancient sport continues to be a beloved obsession for so many people.

Why I Fly-Fish

by Ernie Harrison

The fly-line traces lazy arcs against an azure sky

And close upon it follows the leader and my fly.
The water flows around my boots and mesmerizes me
Until the problems of the world, I no longer see.
An ouzel dips upon a rock and dives into the stream
It walks upon the bottom, unlikely, as it seems.
The river plays a melody upon its bed of rocks
Off in the distance it sounds as though it talks.
Sweetly scented breezes whisper through the trees
It seems as though they're saying, follow me, follow me.
A deer stands upon the bank drinking in the stream
Then it looks up startled and vanishes, it would seem.
The fly descends lightly to a likely looking place
A trout ascends and sips it in with dignity and grace.
You wonder why I do this; do you really need inquire?
I'm as firmly hooked as any trout; it is my hearts desire.

We hope you'll come visit and enjoy our May Fly Fishing special this year:
* Two Nights lodging
* A full country breakfast each morning
* Picnic Lunch for the two of you each day
* One night Elegant 5-course dinner
* Two mornings of flyfising with a private Orvis-approved guide (equipment included)

The package price of $369 per person, for the weekend or midweek (Based on Availability - April and May only. Inn gratuities included, tax and guide gratuities are additional)

While you're here make sure to take a short trip up to Manchester to see the excellent exhibits and angling history at the American Museum of Fly Fishing -

If you want to check out the best in fly fishing gear, gifts and clothes you can also stop right next door from the museum and visit the beautiful Orvis Flagship store:

Happy Fishing!!