Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Romantic Winter Wedding

When you think "wedding", March may not be the first month that comes to mind... but then you probably haven't been to a winter wedding at West Mountain Inn. This year Kim and Rob Jackson hosted a gorgeous, romantic winter celebration - complete with little white chapel ceremony, crimson red bridesmaids gowns, cocktails around a crackling warm fire, and some serious contra dancing and live music in our historic hundred year old barn. Family and friends came from Colorado, the mid-west, and many other far and wide locations, taking over the whole inn for the weekend and enjoying a mini Vermont vacation together.

As Kim and Rob discovered, winter is a spectacular time for a wedding celebration. Our 100 acres of trails are perfect for guests who want to do some snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in between festivities. Bromley and Stratton Resorts are also a short drive for downhill skiing. Back at the inn there will always be a warm fire burning - you can share a drink with friends in the tavern, sip on some hot cocoa, and enjoy views of the snow-capped mountains from every window. Here are 8 other good reasons to host a winter wedding:

1. Winter wedding themes are striking and affordable. Seasonal decorations are readily available and simple things like red rose petals, holly berries and lots of candlelight can help keep your wedding decor budget under control.

2. You don't have to worry about heat. Outdoor summer weddings can bring high temperatures so with winter celebrations you won't have to stress about being too hot or re-touching make-up for photos so often.

3. The slower winter wedding season gives brides more choices of dates. With booking a date at the inn and/or for a church or synagogue ceremony, you're much more likely to get your first choice!

4. You can have a destination wedding at a fraction of the cost. Whether it's room rates, air fare or facility fees, costs all go down in the off-season.

5. You can include some of your favorite warm "comfort foods" and beverages in your winter menu. A spicy butternut squash soup, a vegetable lasagna or drinks like hot cocoa or Irish coffee hit the spot in the winter.

6. Wedding services are less expensive in the winter. Again, it's easier to book your first choice of photographer, florist or band - and they'll often negotiate a better rate since they aren't so busy.

7. Your honeymoon will be less expensive. Maybe you can stay longer or go someplace farther or more special for less.

8. You may be able to invite more guests if you plan near Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's or spring breaks as people already have time off and won't miss work or important school obligations to come celebrate with you.

Congratulations to Kim and Rob on their beautiful winter celebration! We hope more couples will take their lead and enjoy all the beauty and perks a winter wedding has to offer.

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