Monday, September 15, 2008

Folk Music and Friendship

We just had a great weekend here at the Inn with a musician named Ellis Paul. Ellis is a really well-known (in the folk-singing world) singer/songwriter who came to spend the weekend here with some of his most devoted fans. It was a truly wonderful experience even for a newbie like myself. Aside from hearing Ellis' very personal and literate lyrics and singing for the first time it was nice to see how much he was appreciated by the folks that were here and how much he gave back to them in return.

Ellis gave very intimate concerts in our living room for three nights in a row, singing some songs that apparently he had not sung for years, and discussing the lyrics with the group as he went. Often he would still be playing after 11pm and then went with the group up to the bonfire to continue into the wee hours (I went to bed!). It was just a really great way get to the basics of what singing/songwriting is about with the artist and audience in close communication, both really enjoying the process!

For the staff at the Inn it was a terrific weekend and a nice break from our usual wedding craziness! If anyone has any ideas for other weekends like this, I'd love to hear them!

Check out Ellis Paul's web site at


KarenZ said...

Thanks to you and all the West Mountain Inn staff for making our visit such a memorable one! Looking forward to returning enxt year! :-)
KarenZ, Ellis Paul Devotee
Belle Vernon, PA.

Tim Blixt said...

Hi Amie---Well as we must have told you when we booked your fabulous Inn for our Ellis Paul weekend, we've done a number of these over a number of years. We have NEVER, however, found a better place to have these events than your Inn. You and your staff could not possibly have done more to make a houseful of "Paulaholics" enjoy themselves. We cannot wait to get ack to see you next year with Richard Shindell in tow---and we absolutely encourage anyone to host a group event like ours to use the West Mountain. Thanks also for your very kind words about our group on your blog. All the best. Tim & Lori Blixt Wayne, NJ

tiggyboo said...

Hi Amie - my family is going to be attending a wedding on August 8th in the area, and we are frankly daunted by the number of B&B opportunities. Complicating things is the fact that we'll be packing a 3 year old, a 1 year old and an 89 year old. How good a fit would your place, or any other, be for such a scenario? We're on a bit of a financial shoestring as well, but would hate to spend time in such a beautiful area in a regular hotel if we can avoid it. Hope this is a reasonable place to post such a question - but I figured your readers might be able to contribute as well!

Thanks in advance,
Al Spohn, Rochester, MN

RJM said...

Dear Amie,

As someone who’s written wonderful words about the great music coming from singer songwriter Ellis Paul – first I’d like to tell you thank you. I’ve been Ellis Paul's friend and manager since 1992 and his music, words and friendship are jewels in my life. Upon examining the state of the music industry, Ellis and I have realized that far and away the most important connections that we have are not at all on the business side of the equation – it’s the people that love Ellis’ music. They’re more important than the biggest retailer or the most powerful radio station - so we’re starting a campaign to empower the people. Ellis’ new album “The Day After Everything Changed” was completely funded by his fans and is one of the finest he’s ever recorded. Many of Ellis' fans and folks passionate about great songwriting don’t even know that it’s been released. So if you’d like to help support a truly independent artist – here’s how. The lead single track on TDAEC is “Annalee”, and if you go to you can download “Annalee” for free. Unlike so many other free song offers – you don’t have to give us your email, sign up or register for anything at all. It’s free for the taking. The small favor we would ask? Please share it with any and all of your friends that would enjoy Ellis’ music. This would help our efforts and help spread the music. This truly is a campaign about the power of the people in the support of independent music and artists.

Please stay in touch.

And thank you.

Ralph Jaccodine, Manager