Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wedding ABC Poem

We have just finished the weekend and we hosted a beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple. It was just a really nice weekend-full wedding where they really used all of our spaces and had a great time. One of the guests left this poem in the diary in her room which I thought was really sweet:

A frican Violets & Alpacas
B occi Balls
C ardinals
D aisies for the Wedding
E lephants of wood and rock
F rogs - Owen and I were looking at them in the pond
G arden flowers and Grapevine arbor
H ostas - Humongous!
I rises
J enn, the bride - 06/07/08
K ennedy-Buxbaum Wedding - 06/07/08
L ily pad pond
M isty Morning
N utcrackers
O wen - "Hi, I'm Owen and I'm 2 1/2"
P inecones
Q uilted Pillows
R ock Garden
S ean, the groom - 06/07/08
T rolls
U ndulating hill views
V ermont Verdure
W reath of daisies at the door of the Inn
fo X es by the road on the way in - babies
Y ellow finches
Z enith - mountain tops

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